"I never vote. It only seems to encourage the bastards!" -- Michael Rivero

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It seems the tide is turning against Joe Biden. The liberal establishment was all-in for Biden’s campaign just a year ago. Democrats refused to legitimize RJK’s campaign, forcing him to run as an independent.

But a series of polls reveal that Biden is losing to Trump in must-win states. Biden continues to show that he is suffering from some kind of age-related decline.

For years Republicans have called on the Biden administration to take action and stop the migrant invasion at the U.S. southern border. The president could easily stop the overflow of illegal immigrants by forcing federal agencies under his authority to follow the law.

Biden and his Democrat allies don’t have the character to admit what they’ve done wrong and correct the problem. Instead, Democrats have tried to pin the problem on Republicans.

West's Plan to Seize Russian Assets: "Legal Loophole or Theft?" MikeRivero

In a recent interview to the Sputnik's Fault Lines podcast, international relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda discussed the West's controversial plan to utilize the interest accrued on frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine.

Sleboda explained that Western governments, facing legal challenges in outright seizing Russian assets, have decided to use the interest generated from these assets. This strategy, they believe, exposes them to less legal liability.

What they lack in naval and aerial capabilities the Houthis certainly make up for in gumption. For more than six months, the Yemeni militia has been wreaking havoc on Israeli, US and UK-linked commercial shipping in the Red and Arabian Seas, targeting merchant vessels and warships alike with an arsenal of inexpensive drones and missiles.

Yemen’s Ansar Allah (Houthi) militia has the capability to target vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, a senior Pentagon official has confirmed.

The property of US-linked entities in Russia could face seizure in response to any confiscation of Russian assets by the US government, according to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

The US and its allies have frozen some $300 billion in Russian sovereign assets due to the Ukraine conflict. Western nations are devising ways to use the funds to help Kiev’s war effort against Moscow.

The Biden administration has announced a new $7.7 billion student debt relief initiative for 160,000 borrowers, a move that has been criticized by Republicans as "unconstitutional" and an "election year giveaway." 

Christina Bobb, President Donald Trump’s former Attorney and head of the RNC’s Election Integrity Unit, was charged by Democrats with speech crimes in Arizona and arrested, arraigned, and booked in Phoenix on Tuesday.

Bobb was charged for speaking out against the 2020 election results, something that is now a crime if you are a member of the Republican Party.

Christina Bobb pleaded not guilty to all charges.

A video was released on Wednesday of liberal reporters physically violating Christina and harassing her as she left the courtroom.