"An ignorant man with lawyers is a danger to all society." -- Michael Rivero

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Currently there has been a famine going on for months in a place that is half children, which means that in the coming days we can expect a massive explosion of children dying due to starvation. And here’s the kicker: the famine is 100 percent deliberate.

New doubts are emerging about the New York Times’s coverage of sexual violence during the October 7 Hamas-led attack — and the paper owes its readers an open and transparent explanation. 

What’s more, its reporting on this issue has become so questionable that it should assign new reporters to go over the entire story again.

The Palestinian city of Rafah is not only older than Israel, it is also as old as civilisation itself. Rafah has existed for thousands of years. The Canaanites referred to it as Rafia, and Rafia has been almost always there, guarding the southern frontiers of Palestine, ancient and modern.

Over 50 UK-based journalists who report for mainstream outlets released a letter demanding that Israel allow more reporters into Gaza. Israel has killed over 120 Palestinian journalists and caused a communications blackout in the Strip that has stifled reporting on the scale of destruction in Gaza. Tel Aviv has allowed select members of the corporate press to take guided tours in Gaza. 

The rubble and twisted metal of Kamel Ajour's smashed-up Gaza bakery underscores one reason starving people in the north of the bombarded enclave are reduced to eating raw cactus leaves after nearly five months of Israel's military campaign.

Bread will be critical to any sustained effort to relieve Palestinian hunger, with one in six children in northern Gaza wasting from malnutrition, but most bakeries lie in rubble from Israeli bombardment and aid deliveries of flour are rare.

Despite Israeli claims to the contrary there is every indication that Hamas is far from defeated. The Israel Defense Force continues to announce casualties but there is a curious feature about these announcements. Although IDF officers and senior NCOs are listed there is rarely any mention of casualties among the lower ranks.

Privates and Lance-Corporals are hardly ever listed, which is strange as in any combat unit they would make up the majority of the combatants.