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Patricia 'Pattie' Wu-Murad, 60, was reported missing on April 10 after hiking on Japan's Kumano Kodo trail

The search for a Connecticut woman who disappeared while hiking in Japan two months ago has ended due to an "underwhelming amount of evidence found," the woman’s family said Sunday.

Biden administration claimed it was seeking public comments on potential accountability measures for AI

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT are complicating governments' efforts to agree laws governing the use of the technology.

Meyer apologized in less than 24 hours after she made her 'manspreading' Twitter post, which she said was a joke

The Chief Experience Officer for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) in Washington, D.C. apologized Tuesday after she posted a photo of a man’s lower body on her Twitter account.