"Any political system founded on lies and deceptions cannot survive in the 21st Century." -- Michael Rivero

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Unforgettable Movie Scenes That Were Too Risqu for Their Time unewsy Wed, 10/04/2023 - 14:58

An Early Cut of 'The Rescuers' Was Practically An R-Rated Film

Sheriff Sounds Alarm on Gangs of Illegal Aliens Getting into U.S. through Border to Burglarize Americans MikeRivero Wed, 10/04/2023 - 14:49

A sheriff in Michigan is sounding the alarm over a rise in gangs of illegal aliens getting into the United States for the sole purpose of burglarizing Americans.

Oakland County, Michigan Sheriff Michael Bouchard, as well as other law enforcement agencies across the U.S., is warning that illegal aliens from the southern border are burglarizing members of their communities at an increasing rate.

The Disney Grooming Syndicate lost even more money on its woke Little Mermaid remake than had been reported.

Previous budget reports said the movie cost $250 million to produce. The actual budget, per this report at Forbes, was $300 million, which does not include promotion costs.

Forbes notes that Americans spend a whopping $20 billion per year on security to protect their houses from property crimes such as burglary, breaking, and home invasion. Still, many wise culprits end up successfully stealing what’s not theirs.

And while most of us feel that we are on top of home security, some means won’t cut the pesky bad guys out. Luckily, former burglars reveal the secret to stopping these crimes from happening and some of us may be surprised by how simple these tips are!