“The idea that our Justice Department can indict someone, especially the sitting president’s main political rival, over speech that’s protected by the First Amendment is simply insane … Simply put, this indictment is nothing more than a declaration of war against American voters and their constitutional right to free speech.” — Alistair Crooke

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On the inaugural episode of "Blaze News Tonight," co-hosts Jill Savage and Blaze News editor in chief Matthew Peterson chatted with Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts about Project 2025 and the left's gross mischaracterization of it in a tired attempt to frighten Americans out of voting for Republicans.

Fallout continues from US Supreme Court Jan. 6 ruling MikeRivero

A California U.S. Army veteran serving an 18-month prison sentence for obstructing Congress on Jan. 6, 2021, was ordered released July 12 under the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the most commonly charged Jan. 6 felony and its maximum 20-year prison term.

BREAKING: Elon Musk says EU offered X illegal secret deal to censor speech before ruling that platform deceived users MikeRivero

Elon Musk posted on Friday in response to accusations from the European Commission, saying that the EU body offered X an illegal secret deal promising not to fine the company if it censored speech on the platform.

So asks the Wall Street Journal, in an uncharacteristically gloomy article for the bull market's paper of record.

They kick off with the problem: America is "cruising" into an uncharted sea of federal debt, with a government seemingly incapable of turning it around.In other words, the uniparty has set its course, and there's no cavalry coming.

The Homeland Intelligence Experts Group convened by the Department of Homeland Security, disbanded under a settlement with America First Legal, called President Biden an "ineffective messenger" for the group's surreptitious campaign to convince the public that supporters of former President Trump are the bulk of "domestic violent extremists."

Authored by Pepe Escobar,

We are the world. We are the people. We are NATO. And we’re comin’ to get ya – wherever you are, whether you want it or not.

Call it the latest pop iteration of the “rules-based international order” – duly christened at NATO’s 75th birthday in D.C.

Well, the Global Majority had already been warned – but brains under techno-feudalism tend to be reduced to mush.