Microsoft to enterprises: Patch your Exchange servers malterwitty Sat, 01/28/2023 - 07:36

Microsoft is urging organizations to protect their Exchange servers from cyberattacks by keeping them updated and hardened, since online criminals are still going after valuable data in the email system.

Enterprises need to make sure to install the latest Cumulative Updates (CUs) and Security Updates (SUs) on the Exchange servers – and occasionally on Exchange Management Tools workstations – and to run manual tasks like enabling Extended Protection and certificate signing of PowerShell serialization payloads, according to the vendor's Exchange Team.

The FBI has revealed the results of a month-long campaign designed to thwart an infamous ransomware group known for extorting hospitals, school districts and critical infrastructure. On Thursday, the agency announced that it had worked with law enforcement agencies in Germany and the Netherlands to take control of the servers used by the Hive criminal gang to communicate with its members, thus cutting off its ability to extort its victims.

NATO simulates cyberattacks on Kaliningrad, Moscow facilities Russian Foreign Ministry MikeRivero Sat, 01/28/2023 - 06:41

Cyberattacks on state institutions in the Kaliningrad region and Moscow's energy infrastructure are simulated during NATO exercises that the UK conducts on a regular basis, Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said in an interview with TASS.

'AI is replacing the white-collar workers', said Pengcheng Shi, an associate dean in the Department of Computing and Information Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.

'I don't think anyone can stop that. This is not crying wolf,' Shi told The New York Post. 'The wolf is at the door.'

Cellphone expert Steven Athwal of retailer The Big Phone Store told that while there do appear to be lots of reports of iPhones freezing, there are easy fixes 

'Apple's newest mobile phone model, the iPhone 14, hasn't had the best start, with users reporting problems with the phone constantly freezing,' said Athwal.

'If your iPhone does freeze, I suggest trying to do a 'hard restart' - this is where you manually turn the phone off and then on again by holding down certain buttons. 

Months after NSA disclosed Microsoft cert bug, datacenters remain unpatched malterwitty Thu, 01/26/2023 - 11:15

Most Windows-powered datacenter systems and applications remain vulnerable to a spoofing bug in CryptoAPI that was disclosed by the NSA and the UK National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and patched by Microsoft last year, according to Akamai's researchers.

Microsoft in March will start blocking Excel XLL add-ins from the internet to shut down an increasingly popular attack vector for miscreants.

In a one-sentence note on its Microsoft 365 roadmap, the vendor said the move was in response to "the increasing number of malware attacks in recent months."