"An elective despotism was not the government we fought for." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Earlier this month, NYU Langone Health bestowed an award on a labor and delivery nurse for providing compassionate care to mothers who had lost babies. But shortly after, the nurse said, the hospital fired her over the speech she gave when she accepted the award.

Israeli tanks have rolled into the centre of Rafah for the first time following global outrage over the refugee camp airstrike which saw 45 people killed as an encampment for displaced Palestinians burned to ashes. 

Gaza health authorities said yesterday that another tent camp in the city had been hit, this time by Israeli tank shells, in an area Israel designated as a civilian evacuation zone. 

Tel Aviv ignores the order of the International Criminal Court of the United Nations to the IDF to cease military operations in the southern Gaza Strip and open the only checkpoint of Rafah on the border with Egypt to allow humanitarian supplies into the enclave and allow investigation. Even the White House and the EU officially called on Netanyahu to refrain from fighting in Rafah and comply with the order of the UN ICC. At the same time, Washington continues to provide military assistance to Tel Aviv.