“Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” -- I.F. Stone

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If you remember, Pfizer didn’t publish the results of their mRNA trial until after the election because they didn’t want to help Donald Trump win the 2020 election.

As we now know, mRNA wasn’t as advertised. However, it influenced the election even though Donald Trump was the one who pushed for the success of this experimental drug during a pandemic we now know was probably caused by the gain of function experiments in Wuhan that we paid for.

First-Of-Its-Kind Study Explains Why Some People Dont Get COVID-19 Ladylove

Authored by Marina Zhang via The Epoch Times

According to a recent study, these people have faster and more subtle immune responses than those who develop symptomatic COVID-19.

German doctor sentenced to over 2 years in jail for issuing mask and COVID shot exemptions MikeRivero

A German doctor has been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail for issuing mask and COVID shot exemptions.

The 67-year-old Dr. Bianca Witzschel was also banned from working as a doctor for three years and fined around €47,000 ($ 50,472), which the court claims is equal to the amount that she reportedly made for issuing around 1,000 exemptions.

Causes of death:

  • 18 cardiac arrests
  • 12 died from cancer
  • 7 died from infection
  • 3 died from aneurysm
  • 3 died from blood clots
  • 2 died from seizures
  • 2 had transplant complications
  • 2 died in their sleep
  • 1 died from dissection

Activities when sudden death occurred

'Is This In Fact A Bioweapon?': Roger Marshall Grills Doctor About COVID-19 Origins MikeRivero

At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) questioned Dr. Steven Quay about the origins of COVID-19.

BREAKING NEWS: Rand Paul Reads Out Secret Communications Of Fauci's Team About COVID-19's Origins MikeRivero

At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke about secret discussions about the origins of COVID-19 from Dr. Anthony Fauci's team.

French President Emmanuel Macron has joined several African leaders to kick off a planned $1.1bn project to accelerate vaccine production in Africa, after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed inequalities in access to inoculation.

The launch of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator at an event in Paris on Thursday will provide financial incentives to boost local vaccine manufacturing in the continent.

Military personnel could find laboratory grown meat in their ration packs as Pentagon bosses scratch around for ways to reduce their impact on climate change.

Bioengineering company BioMADE came up with the idea after receiving $500 million in Defense department funding to reduce its carbon footprint.