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Proud Boys Sedition Trial Suspended AGAIN After Feds Admit Defense Witness Was An FBI Informant ChrisMenahan Thu, 03/23/2023 - 05:15

The Proud Boys sedition trial was suspended for a second time on Wednesday after the feds admitted in court that a witness intimately involved in the Proud Boys defense team was secretly an FBI informant.

The World's Largest CBDC Trial: A Preview Of The Elite's Cashless Vision For You malterwitty Wed, 03/22/2023 - 20:47

CBDCs enable all sorts of horrible, totalitarian things.

They allow governments to track and control every penny you earn, save, and spend. They are a powerful tool for politicians to confiscate and redistribute wealth as they see fit.

CBDCs will also enable devious social engineering by allowing governments to punish and reward people in ways they previously couldn’t.

CBDCs are, without a doubt, an instrument of enslavement. They represent a quantum leap backward in human freedom.

Unfortunately, they’re coming soon…

Massive Propaganda Machine Brainwashing Americans MikeRivero Wed, 03/22/2023 - 11:33

For a long time, massive propaganda has been the way for the US Government to influence public opinion for or against one cause or another. It is deliberately spread by both the government and the mainstream media to mold the public opinion in favor of our government’s particular agenda. All our mainstream media are usually complicit in the propaganda campaign.

More 1/6 Protester Arrests; Cash Rewards for BLM Rioters MikeRivero Wed, 03/22/2023 - 11:14

The Department of Justice has reacted to video revealing that the “insurrection” on January 6 was more peaceful than the average Black Lives Matter demonstration by announcing there will be as many as 1,200 more arrests. A thousand people have already been arrested.

House Judiciary Committee: No Legitimate Basis for Biden Administration to Target Parents Protesting School Boards MikeRivero Wed, 03/22/2023 - 09:43

The latest report by the House Judiciary Committee declares that there was “no legitimate basis” for the Biden Administration’s efforts to label parents protesting at school board meetings as domestic terrorists and place them under federal investigation.

The pink-haired woman said her name was Chelsie. She also dropped regular hints about her chosen profession.

“She implied over the course of getting to know her that she was a sex worker,” said Jon Christiansen, Samantha’s husband and another co-founder of the Chinook Center.

“I think somebody else had told me that, and I just was like, ‘Oh, OK. That makes sense,’” said Autum Carter-Wallace, an activist in Colorado Springs. “I never questioned it.”

True Stories Could Fuel Hesitancy: Stanford Project Worked to Censor Even True Stories on Social Media MikeRivero Wed, 03/22/2023 - 08:59

While lost in the explosive news about Donald Trump’s expected arrest, journalist Matt Taibbi released new details on previously undisclosed censorship efforts on social media. The latest Twitter Files revealed a breathtaking effort from Stanford’s Virality Project to censor even true stories. After all, the project insisted “true stories … could fuel hesitancy” over taking the vaccine or other measures.

Both houses of the New York legislature passed an alarming bill (A4132/S837) on Wednesday. The bill itself is not especially dangerous. What is very alarming though is the fact that it was passed indicates that the legislature is getting ready to try and pass another bill (S1531) that will make mandatory reporting of all adult vaccines, and perhaps vaccines refused, to the New York State Immunization Information System or the New York City Citywide Immunization Registry.

Our government is preparing to monitor every word Americans say on the internet—the speech of journalists, politicians, religious organizations, advocacy groups, and even private citizens. Should those conversations conflict with the government’s viewpoint about what is in the best interests of our country and her citizens, that speech will be silenced.

Nowadays we have a tangled spider's web of agreements, about all sorts of things: Tax, Energy Use and production, Health, the right to determine our sovereignty and so it goes on. This creeping global government is Orwellian in nature and cuts across the maxim that no UK government can tie the hands of a future government. It is also foolish, not least because the major powers in the world do not participate.